Blockchain security

The decentralized nature of blockchain tech opens new avenues of attack not available in centralized systems. Often, failure to consider these risks results in unrecoverable losses.

Smart Contract Analysis

Smart contracts are prime targets for attack. Thorough analysis of smart contracts can prevent significant loss of assets.

Supply Chain + Blockchain

Supply chain technology can be incredibly complex, opaque, and vulnerable to attack. Blockchain technology can help.

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Smart Contract Testing Tools

on August 25, 2018

If you aren’t testing your software just give up now. Take your digital assets and post them on a 4chan forum.

Testing is a crucial part of any software development life cycle and smart contract development is no different. Thorough, automated testing can both: save you copious amounts of development time and save your contract from exploitation.

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Smart Contract Static Analysis Tools

By Lab on June 4, 2018

Tools are an important part of any ecosystem. While tooling generally won’t solve your problems, it will often assist you, as the developer, in solving a problem.

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P2p Network Attacks

on February 9, 2018

Blockchains often use network consensus mechanisms which require peer-to-peer (p2p) communications protocols to achieve consensus. Due to the decentralized nature of these protocols, new attack vectors appear and require examination during development and implementation.

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Smart Contract Attacks

on February 2, 2018

Smart contracts can remove some of the security concerns of a trusted, third party but then immediately introduce a completely new set of potential vulnerabilities.

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