Building Secure Services is Hard

Let us help you build resilient, blockchain based system

Blockchain Security

The decentralized nature of blockchain tech opens new avenues of attack not available in centralized systems. Often, failure to consider these risks results in unrecoverable losses.
  • “Distributed” means everyone has a copy of the software **AND** the data
  • Smart contracts are immutable, so patching isn’t an option
  • Integration of external data opens gaps for exploitation

We help you understand and mitigate risks, in order to proactively build security into your blockchain project.

Smart Contract Analysis

Standard design patterns and best practices may not apply to smart contracts. Overflows, underflows, reentry, and race conditions can cause your contact to misbehave, or at worst, lose your assets.

We help you analyze your smart contract, execute code audits, and ensure your immutable contract is logically sound.

Supply Chain Resiliency

Counterfeiting, theft, and malicious actors within a supply chain can result in extraordinary costs. Blockchain technology can help mitigate threats within a supply chain, reducing costs and vulnerabilities.

  • Blockchains are immutable: Attempting to retroactively falsify data requires modification of ALL subsequent data and would be immediately rejected.
  • Blockchains are distributed: Participants within the supply chain (manufacturers, brokers, distributors, resellers, customers, auditors) can view, validate, and store transactional data. Loss of any single participant doesn’t affect the functioning of the system.
  • Blockchains are secure: Participants use mathematically proven principles (PKI) to authenticate transactions. False messages are rejected and valid messages are provably sound.
  • Blockchains can be private. Technology like zero-knowledge proofs and private channels can ensure data confidentiality.

We can help you understand the positive impact blockchains can have on your supply chain and implement the right technology for your project.


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