Smart Contract Testing Tools

August 25, 2018

If you aren’t testing your software just give up now. Take your digital assets and post them on a 4chan forum.

Testing is a crucial part of any software development life cycle and smart contract development is no different. Thorough, automated testing can both: save you copious amounts of development time and save your contract from exploitation.

Testing Tools

Truffle Framework

The Truffle Framework is perhaps the best known toolkit for Ethereum smart contract development and testing. It’s fairly well featured, works well, and is actively developed. Highly recommended. It’s also free and open source (huzzah!). Check it out on Github:


Test networks are your friends. You can test your contracts in “realer” world scenarios at very little (if any) cost. For example, Ethereum has Ropsten as a test network which anyone can use via geth, Metamask, etc.


Remix is an online solidity IDE which a developer can use to test and compile smart contracts. It’s super simple to use and fully featured. If you are concerned about IP, it’s also sourced on Github: so you can stand up your own internal version.